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After Sacrifice

A Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG

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This Buffy the Vampire Slayer Roleplaying game will be using the Eden Studios Btvs RPG rules.

The setting begins with the summer after Buffy died (early season six, pre-resurection)- but will not be following show canon from there.

Original characters are welcome, and will be treated no differently than canon characters.


1. In any close group of in-game friends, you may only play one member of the friends. For example, you may play Jonathan and Xander, but not Jonathan and Andrew, or Willow and Xander.

2. No pointless sexual content. Absolutely no slash. Keep the gay characters gay and the straight characters straight.

3. Don't be a fuckup. In other words, use a bit of common sense when dealing with other players, plotlines, etc. If you do not have common sense, and cannot avoid being a fuckup, you should probably not be playing this game. Basically do not be sutpid, please!

4. Be able to accept, deal and handle compromise.

5. At the moment we are no longer accepting witches/warlocks and souled/good vampires. We have far too many and there are other options available so explore those.

6. Before playing your character we need you to contact us and give us an example of your role-playing style/technique, write the character up via the Eden Studios Buffy: the Vampire Slayers rules (if you have no idea what that is we can and will help you through it) and a post in our OOC Community explaining who and what your character is.


amymadison as Amy Madison
robobuffy as Buffy Anne
thecatisawolf as Catherine McRory
squareglasses as Chloe Logsdon
umad_dawnas Dawn Summers
eternalscholar as Dalton
philosophicewan as Ewan Constantine
emojimmy as Jim Vargo
jonathan_troika as Jonathan Levinson
kayla_mc as Kayla McCaine
secret_survivor as Michael Czajak
nimik as Nimik
specialagentsam as Samantha Reynolds
lastangel as Seraphine Hargrave
buggerthis as Spike
sonyacat as Sonya Tempest
tamaratalk as Tamara Kennedy
tarawitch as Tara McClay
emo_vance as Vance Marlow
branchingwillow as Willow Rosenberg

(Other possible characters for those looking to play: Andrew, Warren, Oz, Originals, etc.)

Our OOC comm is located here: book_nook