Samantha Reynolds (specialagentsam) wrote in sacrificial,
Samantha Reynolds

[Dream Sequence] - The Plan

Every now and again Sam tossed and turned from a troubled sleep, dreaming the dream she had been through a thousand times in her mind. Fingers clutched the white sheets of her bed as she whimpered and grunted. Beads of sweat trickled down her forehead as her eyes held shut despite her efforts to open them....

It was summer and she spent the last day of school with Jimmy and Vance, plotting away summer gig time in Sunnydale. Sam skateboarded home quickly, excited to tell her father about "Up and Away"'s plans. Upon reaching her house she noticed the street filled with unmarked white vans, polished and prim, all facing the same way even though they lined both sides of the street.

Popping her skateboard into her arms she ran into the open door of her house, heart beating as she called out nervously, "Daddy?" It would be the last time she would call her father such, as a man in a white bio suit reached out and grabbed Samantha, holding her arms painfully tight as her father and two other men in business suits came from the other room, "Samantha, we are leaving." Samantha struggled and began to cry, "No! Tell them to let me go! They're hurting me! Please? I don't want to go..." With a nod from her father's head another man in a full bio suit steps besides them and injects a long needle into her thigh, which causes her body to go limp and unconscious.

In what seemed like days of sleeping, Sam woke up to the beeping and dripping of machines. Shortly the machines stopped and Sam sat up to yank the multiple IV's from her arms. After regaining composure she looked around, she was in a circular room, the purest of white walls and lighting. The table she was laying on was silver; everything in the room had a cold feeling to it. She finally looked up and saw a window.

Behind the window stood her father, another suited man and many men in lab coats pushing buttons and writing. Sam watched on as the spoke, although watching their conversation only made things worse as she ran to the walls, striking them with closed fists, "Someone let me out! Help me! Please get me out of here!" Glancing back up to the window she saw her father and the official nod as a door was opened. The unfortunate thing was that they were not letting Sam out, but letting something in as a male with a twisted look on his face, brow low and canine teeth protruding as it lunged towards Sam.

Sam's cell phone was beginning to go off as she snapped up in bed, panting heavily and reached over blindly for her phone off the nightstand, "Agent Reynolds?" she said shakily.

"Samantha, you have not been reporting. You are breeching protocol and we will be forced to send more agents. This isn't play time, Samantha, do your duty!" And with that the other end clicked.

Sam sighed and turned her phone off as she whispered, "Nice to talk to you too father..." and finally she pulled herself out of bed and went to get her laptop.
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