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Things have been better with me and Michael.. after we had that big fight and broke up for a while, I went over to return his stuff and to tell him where to go... and I just couldn't do it. His eyes were all red and puffy, like he'd been crying. So we started talking about the stuff in the box, and I was telling him about all this stuff that he didn't remember... and I realized it really wasn't fair of me to expect him to be someone he's not anymore. I have to get to know the new Michael. So we're starting all over again.

We went out on a date together - something we were never able to do before. It was absolutely awesome! We went to see a movie, then out to the Bronze. And we danced together, and held hands at the table.. even kissed. And talked, a lot - about things they way they are now, not about the past. About the future... and that we still have a future.

So we're back to being together, and going on actual dates even! I'm really happy about that. And I'm finding that under all the sarcasm and apathy, he's a scared lonely boy with a really sweet nature. Different than the Michael I knew before, but still wonderful in his own way. The dance studio is going well, and Mike still loses himself a lot in dancing - it keeps him from thinking about his problems, and gives him an outlet for all that frustrating stuff, I think. He's absolutely stunning when he's dancing- if anything, he's become more graceful and talented through becoming younger. It seems like his body remembers the techniques, and he's more limber from being a teenager... so yeah, good combination. It's funny how surprised he is when he finds out he 'knows something' that he isn't consciously aware of.

Jon and Tara came up with some ways to keep Michael's soul out of hell. He's been trying to decide which one of them he wants to try- it's a big decision. Some of them involve giving up magic, some are just 'live a good life' kind of things, some involve having to steal his soul back or regrow another. That's really weird, the thought that you can regrow your soul.

At home, things are okay - my Ma and Pa are letting me go over to Jon's for the big Thanksgiving dinner, which made Maggie pitch a big fit because she's got to stay home and can't go over her friends. Well, she's 12, so she doesn't really have much say in it - and besides, it's not like she's part of a big group or anything, she just wants to go over to Marcie's house because her parents are having ham instead of turkey and she doesn't like Ma's turkey (well, it is a bit dry, but still). Chris isn't going anywhere- he's just looking forward to watching the game with Pa and eating himself silly. And Joey's only little, so he's just excited about learning how to make handprint turkeys in preschool. He even gave Michael one to hang in the dance studio- a turkey in legwarmers drawn by a four year old is really insanely cute, by the way. It's weird how my parents just seem to accept that Michael's younger now... I think they know more about the supernatural than they let on, or something. Jon says it's 'Sunnydale Syndrome', and it happens all the time. People just kind of accept things that there's no rational explanation for, because it keeps their brains from exploding or something. Well, cool... because living there they're going to need to do that.

I wonder how Ewan's family is dealing with things? I mean... Thanksgiving is time for family and all, and now their son is gone... that's got to be really devastating. Maybe next time I see Vance or Buffy I'll ask if there's anything we can do for them, like take over a food basket or a sympathy card or something. I hope Dawn's okay... I haven't seen much of her since Ewan's been... gone. It's weird not having either of them in school with us. Chloe and I still sit together at lunchtime, but now there's two empty chairs at our table. It's really freaky...
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