Willow Rosenburg (branchingwillow) wrote in sacrificial,
Willow Rosenburg


(Ok, I wanted to not jump on this, cause I wanted to give anyone else who wanted to a chance first, but since no one has about 24 hours later, I'm going to. If there has been something done that has not been brought to the community and you feel that you had propetorial (sorry, butchered that word) rights to it, I will be ok with changing this. I do not want to step on toes, but as far as I know this has not been done and needs to be!)

I had come upstairs after the conversation with Vance. It was an interesting conversation - in all good but not necessarily fun way. I had some things to think over, things that both he and Tara have been trying to get me to see for a while. I wanted to talk to Tara about it, but first I wanted to check in on Dawnie and see how she was doing.

She didn't answer when I knocked and there was no sound coming from her room. Like, none at all. I got a little worried and opened the door to peek in. She wasn't there.

I went into the room, worried and that's when I saw the note on the bed. Bad in the very not good super bad way!

I mean, I know, she's all Slayery now and can take care of herself, but what if she can't. What if while she's clearing her head she encounters something she can't handle. I guess if she's going away from Sunnydale, the chances of that decreases, but still!

We have to find her, which means I have to gather everyone. I wondered if Vance would consider divination an appropriate use in this situation. We cannot loose Dawnie too, not for just a summer (well, wrong season but still) like we did Buffy and NOT for good!
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