Samantha Reynolds (specialagentsam) wrote in sacrificial,
Samantha Reynolds

Never too old to skateboard.

"It's going to be a long night," Thought Sam as she sat at the table in the dining area of her apartment. She was wearing a pair of off the hip black jeans and a white camisole as she sat there, cleaning out her guns, making sure all parts were in perfect working condition before putting them back in her locked case. She sighed not enjoying the fact that she was reassigned to be with a partner. Apparently Samantha had been going AWOL and forced to team up with someone she had yet to meet in the force.

Sam went from her dining area to her bedroom and noticed something on her bed; it was a short black dress and a pair of tight shorts to go under. On top of the clothes there was a note that said, "Tonight we dance among demons my sweet". Sam dropped the card and looked around, wondering who and how they got into her apartment. Pushing the clothes onto the floor she then crawled into bed and proceeded to sleep.

Just as she was about to enter the deepest part of sleep her phone rang. Sam's eyelids jumped opened as she looked around and just rolled over, trying to go back to sleep through the rings. On the fifth ring her answering machine came on, "This is Samantha, you know what to do you little f-" BEEP

"Agent Reynolds, I do not think that is an appropriate answering message for your designated living quarters. This is Agent Jones; I was expecting you to be putting those clothes on and out here to prepare for assignment. So get out of bed and get down to the meeting area..."

Sam jumped in bed and looked around for cameras or anyone in her room. Grabbing a stake that was on her nightstand she got out from bed and looked around each corner.

"Samantha.... do you really think I am there? And that oversized toothpick is going to do nothing for you. Put down the stake and get ready for assignment."

Sam glanced around and thought she spotted a moving shadow as she used the stake as a dart, making the tip of the stake embedded into the wall.

"Enough games Samantha. I am coming up to get you"

A CLICK ended the message.

Hearing a ding and the opening of gates to her apartment complex Sam rushed across the room, grabbed her wallet and Bass case before moving to the window. Her heart raced as she pushed the window open and started down the fire escape with bass strapped to her back. She flew down the stairs with small thumps before jumping off the last rung and booking it. She couldn't take her car, which could be traced, so she slipped into a skater shop. After purchasing a "No fear" sweatshirt, sunglass and a nifty skateboard, Sam proceeded to skate down the street as she ducked between streets until she reached the Summer home. Flipping her skateboard into her arms she began to pound on the door.
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