Catherine McRory (thecatisawolf) wrote in sacrificial,
Catherine McRory

Life Goes On

Things are still kind of quiet. Vance and Dawn do their patrolling thing and kill demons and vampires, but otherwise there hasn't been any big badness. I guess that's a good thing, only it really freaks me out. When there is big badness - then we don't have to worry about what is coming and how to prepare for it. All we have to do is figure out what to do to respond to the problems. Waiting is just... hard.

I have noticed one thing though, there are some rather odd smelling people wandering around the house lately. Like... smelling like a funeral home odd. I noticed them again tonight. I'll let Vance knows when he gets home. "Hey, love. How was Patrol? Here's some Hot Chocolate. I think vampires might be casing the house."

Classes are going well. I'm actually working with wolves now, so its like... incredible. I think they know that I'm not totally unrelated from them. I really enjoy it. They're not the same as the pack, but there is a connection... a kind of primal natural connection. Sometimes I think that they understand what I say, and its weird, I understand a lot more about the dynamics than any of the others seem to. One of the full time handlers told me that the so wrong wolf was the alpha.

Things with Vance are just wonderful. He has a birthday coming up, and I'm trying to come up with a great surprise for him. Hopefully a surprise that will be completely safe from his parents ruining it.
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