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Preparations for the holiday...

I haven't had a Thanksgiving dinner for so many years.. not since the lovely dinners made by Lucia in Milan, so long ago now. My brother's lovely wife, their two beautiful children... I do miss them still, but the pain has faded to a dull ache. We never had Thanksgiving dinners as children, with my parents archeological pursuits taking us all around the world. No time for holidays. I think that's why Thomas enjoyed the domestic life so much when he had the opportunity to marry and settle down - and truthfully, such a life has its blessings. The time I lived with them, was a sister and an aunt... will always be dear to me.

But here I am in the United States, a part of Clan Summers, invited to Jonathan's house for dinner. Nimik has never had Thanksgiving, so I explained to him about the history of the holiday and various rituals and customs of dining associated with it. He seems very interested in attending the "Great Feast", and I'm quite looking forward to it myself. I'm baking a pumpkin pie as our contribution. Nimik has been helpful to this endeavor, stirring and tasting, and generally keeping me company in the kitchen.

I haven't heard a word from our vampire, Jim. No postcards, letters, or phonecalls. I only hope that this means that he has gone far and settled quietly into a life that will keep him out of trouble, and away from the business end of stakes.
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