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Almost Thanksgiving...

I had a wonderful birthday - Michael gave me presents, and made me cake. I stayed over his place, and we watched movies and had snacks and it was just the perfect day. And best of all, he's decided what he's going to do about his soul problem. He's going to be living the good life, doing good deeds. I told him that I'm real proud of him.

Thanksgiving plans are going good - I'm so glad to have some time off from school. Getting homework done with everything that's been going on lately is a real pain. I've got a football game to cheer for today, but other than that I'm pretty much done with school stuff for the rest of the week, yay!

Jon told me though, about Dawn being gone. That's really sad, being away from your friends and family at a time like Thanksgiving. I hope she's doing okay... I really miss her. Our group just isn't the same anymore.. .and I don't know if it's ever going to be. Too many things have changed. I guess we'll just be making the best of what we've got now, when she comes home. If she comes home... she's got to come home, right? I mean, she's the Slayer. This town needs her. We need her...
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