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It's funny that the others can't read me as easily as I read them. Actually, it's good. It's better off that I can be there for them, and no one feels they have to be there for me. Other people's problems can help me ignore and avoid my own.

I did some research to try to get Michael's soul back. After a few books, I came across a whole mess of solutions.

The problem is, some of them are evil. Like, downright bad, irredeemably evil. They're are the easier ways, but what happens if he takes them?

I know Vance will just get madder. And I can't guarantee that I woudln't either. But then there are the others.

The dangerous ones.

Nimik. Seraphine. Robo-Buffy. Jimmy.

I know two of those group are killers. I don't know how much of Jimmy got left behind in his years of demon-slaying. (Hey, I knew him through Vance, and I knew even then that Jimmy had a lot of anger in him.) I'm not sure if Robo-Buffy has the same problem with killing that Buffy had.

So I chose to hide the easier ways. The ones that require an act of evil to accomplish. Just to play it safe.

And now, Dawnie has run away.

Willow found the note. She's kind of shaken up. I mean, I'm worried about Dawnie. I just don't want to run blindly off to look for her - last time we did that, someone almost died. Plus, Dawnie was pretty good with playing chess, and now, it's like a chess game extended to all of California.

Apparently, she's in San Franciscio. I know Will wants to go there - and I do too. But . . . a Slayer who doesn't want to be found? Not that easy.

We'll see.
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