Wolf in a Gilded Cage

Cat had found herself in a quite plush room, on a comfortable bed, in luxurious clothing, with great food. But it was still a cage. The door knobs didn't turn - and were silver. The food was on a silver tray, but her "host" had taken care that it didn't taint food and she wouldn't have to touch it.

The room itself was reminiscent of the middle ages. The paintings on the wall - one a dark haired version of Seraphine - and the other the man Cat could only assume was "Lord Hargrave." Making the woman who looked like Seraphine her mother? All the clothing in the wardrobe was rennasaincy, and the room was full of candles.

It was the full moon when she woke to the food and strange room. She explored for ways to escape, but found none. She pounded and called for her captor, but heard and smelt no sign of life - or unlife. She then went to the window and pounded and howled in frustration - again to no effect. She finally sunk to the floor, crying and howling while she pounded on the window.

Bad News

I hate being the bearer of Bad News. How do you tell a guy who is basically your brother that zombies have kidnapped his mate.

We don't even have much information to give him. A couple of possible locations. Not much in the way of reasons or what happened. Ok, that's not true, pick your reason. Lord Hagrave only has about four different possibilites to use her for.

So, I'm just sitting here on the porch trying to figure out what and how to say. "Don't panic but Cat's been taken by Zombies." "Vance, Dawnie, Sit down..." OY!

Wishing a Happy Birthday

Cat knew that Vance wasn't big on the birthday thing, but he was still her boy, and she would still want to celebrate and honor the day he was brought into this world.

So she had done a little bit to the basement. There were roses and candles - the romantic not the occultic type - set up, and luxury sheets on the bed. She had even made a birthday cake for them to share with the whole pack.

On the table was a wrapped gift with a note saying, "To celebrate the day you entered the world, without which you could have never entered my life. I love you."
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Cat had chosen not to tell Vance about the strangeness, not until she had a little bit more to go on. So when Vance and Dawn went out to patrol, she did a bit of patrolling herself - just around the house.

She would sit on the porch, looking for all the world like she was just waiting on the others to get home. Yet, she was keeping her ears and nose alert for anything that might be out of place.

Never too old to skateboard.

"It's going to be a long night," Thought Sam as she sat at the table in the dining area of her apartment. She was wearing a pair of off the hip black jeans and a white camisole as she sat there, cleaning out her guns, making sure all parts were in perfect working condition before putting them back in her locked case. She sighed not enjoying the fact that she was reassigned to be with a partner. Apparently Samantha had been going AWOL and forced to team up with someone she had yet to meet in the force.

Sam went from her dining area to her bedroom and noticed something on her bed; it was a short black dress and a pair of tight shorts to go under. On top of the clothes there was a note that said, "Tonight we dance among demons my sweet". Sam dropped the card and looked around, wondering who and how they got into her apartment. Pushing the clothes onto the floor she then crawled into bed and proceeded to sleep.

Just as she was about to enter the deepest part of sleep her phone rang. Sam's eyelids jumped opened as she looked around and just rolled over, trying to go back to sleep through the rings. On the fifth ring her answering machine came on, "This is Samantha, you know what to do you little f-" BEEP

"Agent Reynolds, I do not think that is an appropriate answering message for your designated living quarters. This is Agent Jones; I was expecting you to be putting those clothes on and out here to prepare for assignment. So get out of bed and get down to the meeting area..."

Sam jumped in bed and looked around for cameras or anyone in her room. Grabbing a stake that was on her nightstand she got out from bed and looked around each corner.

"Samantha.... do you really think I am there? And that oversized toothpick is going to do nothing for you. Put down the stake and get ready for assignment."

Sam glanced around and thought she spotted a moving shadow as she used the stake as a dart, making the tip of the stake embedded into the wall.

"Enough games Samantha. I am coming up to get you"

A CLICK ended the message.

Hearing a ding and the opening of gates to her apartment complex Sam rushed across the room, grabbed her wallet and Bass case before moving to the window. Her heart raced as she pushed the window open and started down the fire escape with bass strapped to her back. She flew down the stairs with small thumps before jumping off the last rung and booking it. She couldn't take her car, which could be traced, so she slipped into a skater shop. After purchasing a "No fear" sweatshirt, sunglass and a nifty skateboard, Sam proceeded to skate down the street as she ducked between streets until she reached the Summer home. Flipping her skateboard into her arms she began to pound on the door.

Life Goes On

Things are still kind of quiet. Vance and Dawn do their patrolling thing and kill demons and vampires, but otherwise there hasn't been any big badness. I guess that's a good thing, only it really freaks me out. When there is big badness - then we don't have to worry about what is coming and how to prepare for it. All we have to do is figure out what to do to respond to the problems. Waiting is just... hard.

I have noticed one thing though, there are some rather odd smelling people wandering around the house lately. Like... smelling like a funeral home odd. I noticed them again tonight. I'll let Vance knows when he gets home. "Hey, love. How was Patrol? Here's some Hot Chocolate. I think vampires might be casing the house."

Classes are going well. I'm actually working with wolves now, so its like... incredible. I think they know that I'm not totally unrelated from them. I really enjoy it. They're not the same as the pack, but there is a connection... a kind of primal natural connection. Sometimes I think that they understand what I say, and its weird, I understand a lot more about the dynamics than any of the others seem to. One of the full time handlers told me that the so wrong wolf was the alpha.

Things with Vance are just wonderful. He has a birthday coming up, and I'm trying to come up with a great surprise for him. Hopefully a surprise that will be completely safe from his parents ruining it.

Proposal Continued

Will was positively beaming as Tara accepted and took the box. Inside was a ring, traditional perhaps but nonetheless. It was a simple gold band with a heart shaped diamond, not too small but not huge.

"I kinda thought we could work out the details together... you know, do the whole planny thing." She leaned over to kiss her, "And I know the ring is all traditionally, but I wanted my girl to have the absolute best. You deserve the world."

A New Hope for the New Year

Willow sat in the bedroom, holding the tiny box. She had debated over and over how to do this. Whether Tara would even want to do this. She had finally convinced herself that it wouldn't matter if Tara said no, so long as she was still her girl. She had rejected the idea f doing it as a Solstice present, and she had only lit the candles for Channaka and opened the packages her mother had sent her. She had even chosen not to do it at the strike of midnight. But there was no more time to put it off. Today, on the new year, today was the time.

She took a deep breath and started to go for a spell to calm her nerves. Then she shook her head and mumbled, "No, I have to do this without magic. Just me." She thought it would be more romantic to use fairy lights, but knew she needed to do this on her own.

Holding the box, she went downstairs to find Tara.

A New Year

Things have been quiet since Dawn came home. Which is great. I think. I know that Dawn being home has made things easier for everyone. I also know that easier is an extremely relative term in this house. She and Ewan have a lot to figure out. I know he still loves her, she is trying to figure out if she can love him. Can't say I envy either of them.

Its the relative quiet that has me worried. I can't help but wonder if its just the calm before the storm. Is it calm right now because shortly things are giong to get really ugly really quickly? Of course it could be that I'm just edgy.

The Holidays were really nice. Vance and I got to spend some time alone, and Up and Away had a few gigs. And I've made up some cute groupy shirts for myself. I think they've developed some other groupies - I notice that some of the people at the gigs are always the same. Would be great to be able to play with them, but music is most definitely not my forte. Besides, then I wouldn't get to watch the cute drummer.

The nice thing about having an inheritance is that I could afford to get everyone in the pack a little something. Which was just fun, being an almost normal girl again Christmas/Solstice shopping. I think Vance was trying not to laugh at me most of the season; I know I was getting into it a lot. But, while its not the first Christmas since I ran that I've had a family - I mean, I did last year too, but this year, I guess with being all united with the wolf, it was just, so much better.

And now we're in a new year. Hopefully this year will be one in which we grow as a pack and everyone grows as individuals. Of course, we'll fight demons and other baddies. I mean, that's what we do. But overall, I'm looking forward to a fantastic year.

Preparations for the holiday...

I haven't had a Thanksgiving dinner for so many years.. not since the lovely dinners made by Lucia in Milan, so long ago now. My brother's lovely wife, their two beautiful children... I do miss them still, but the pain has faded to a dull ache. We never had Thanksgiving dinners as children, with my parents archeological pursuits taking us all around the world. No time for holidays. I think that's why Thomas enjoyed the domestic life so much when he had the opportunity to marry and settle down - and truthfully, such a life has its blessings. The time I lived with them, was a sister and an aunt... will always be dear to me.

But here I am in the United States, a part of Clan Summers, invited to Jonathan's house for dinner. Nimik has never had Thanksgiving, so I explained to him about the history of the holiday and various rituals and customs of dining associated with it. He seems very interested in attending the "Great Feast", and I'm quite looking forward to it myself. I'm baking a pumpkin pie as our contribution. Nimik has been helpful to this endeavor, stirring and tasting, and generally keeping me company in the kitchen.

I haven't heard a word from our vampire, Jim. No postcards, letters, or phonecalls. I only hope that this means that he has gone far and settled quietly into a life that will keep him out of trouble, and away from the business end of stakes.
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