Catherine McRory (thecatisawolf) wrote in sacrificial,
Catherine McRory

Wolf in a Gilded Cage

Cat had found herself in a quite plush room, on a comfortable bed, in luxurious clothing, with great food. But it was still a cage. The door knobs didn't turn - and were silver. The food was on a silver tray, but her "host" had taken care that it didn't taint food and she wouldn't have to touch it.

The room itself was reminiscent of the middle ages. The paintings on the wall - one a dark haired version of Seraphine - and the other the man Cat could only assume was "Lord Hargrave." Making the woman who looked like Seraphine her mother? All the clothing in the wardrobe was rennasaincy, and the room was full of candles.

It was the full moon when she woke to the food and strange room. She explored for ways to escape, but found none. She pounded and called for her captor, but heard and smelt no sign of life - or unlife. She then went to the window and pounded and howled in frustration - again to no effect. She finally sunk to the floor, crying and howling while she pounded on the window.
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