Catherine McRory (thecatisawolf) wrote in sacrificial,
Catherine McRory

A New Year

Things have been quiet since Dawn came home. Which is great. I think. I know that Dawn being home has made things easier for everyone. I also know that easier is an extremely relative term in this house. She and Ewan have a lot to figure out. I know he still loves her, she is trying to figure out if she can love him. Can't say I envy either of them.

Its the relative quiet that has me worried. I can't help but wonder if its just the calm before the storm. Is it calm right now because shortly things are giong to get really ugly really quickly? Of course it could be that I'm just edgy.

The Holidays were really nice. Vance and I got to spend some time alone, and Up and Away had a few gigs. And I've made up some cute groupy shirts for myself. I think they've developed some other groupies - I notice that some of the people at the gigs are always the same. Would be great to be able to play with them, but music is most definitely not my forte. Besides, then I wouldn't get to watch the cute drummer.

The nice thing about having an inheritance is that I could afford to get everyone in the pack a little something. Which was just fun, being an almost normal girl again Christmas/Solstice shopping. I think Vance was trying not to laugh at me most of the season; I know I was getting into it a lot. But, while its not the first Christmas since I ran that I've had a family - I mean, I did last year too, but this year, I guess with being all united with the wolf, it was just, so much better.

And now we're in a new year. Hopefully this year will be one in which we grow as a pack and everyone grows as individuals. Of course, we'll fight demons and other baddies. I mean, that's what we do. But overall, I'm looking forward to a fantastic year.
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