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New City

So my trip to Dad's place was . . . less good than I expected. To say things have changed there is an understatement. I only managed to get out because I was smart. People never give me the credit of being smart.

So I took his car. And a lot of his money. Took that all down in LA, before driving up to San Francisco. It's weird that in a car with tinted windows you can drive really fast up Route 5 without ever being pulled over if you're a minor. I guess BMWs have some kind of special pass as far as the cops are concerned - or that there weren't any cops on Route 5.

I abandoned the car just outside San Francisco, and headed to Pier 39. It did look like the pictures I saw online when I had to do that stupid social studies report. There wasn't much of what I was looking for, so I asked around and found a good youth hostel near Union Square. It costs me about $17 a night, or $110 for a full week.

Its just that a week is all I can get.

I just wonder how long until I have to face more demons again. I didn't expect them where I found them last.

I miss home. But its not home anymore. I don't have a family. I have a robot. Who doesn't care about me or my opinions. I have friends, except they are all older than me (except Kayla and Chloe), and a dead boyfriend who I'm going to have to kill again.

I don't have a home.

I'm sure mom would be disappointed. But she's not here.

I'm sure Giles would be disappointed. But he's not here either.

And dad? I don't care what he thinks anymore.

Buffy managed to live this way for a few months. I'm smarter than her - I can do this longer. Because unlike her, I have nowhere to go back to. So I'm going to have to do it, for longer.
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